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Is online counseling an option for me? How can I overcome fear and anxiety? In order to clarify these and other questions, I would like to explain to you what fear means and how it manifests itself. In addition, you will find out which concerns I can support you with my personal approach.

Concerns that I can help you with:

Ihr Anliegen für eine Psychologische Beratung
  • Excessive worry

  • Inner tension, nervousness, or physical discomfort

  • Persistent negative feelings

  • Rumination, difficulty in making decisions

  • Feeling mentally absent or having trouble concentrating

  • Self-esteem deficits

  • Relationship conflicts or work-related problems

Your concern

What exactly is fear?

The feeling of fear can take many different forms. It usually manifests in physical discomfort, e.g. nervousness, inner restlessness, palpitations, blushing or sweaty palms. Cognitively, fear typically expresses itself through "what if"-thoughts or the desire to leave "scary" situations. However, pronounced fear can also lead to the inability to think clearly - the typical "blackout". And finally, fear typically leads to specific patterns of behavior (or non-behavior), usually the avoidance of or escape from the feared situation.


In many cases, however, fear takes on less obvious forms, from which a pronounced impairment can nonetheless develop in the long term. Many of my clients turn to me before, during or after a drastic life change with a predominant feeling of insecurity and anxiety. In particular, the fear of losing control over one's life circumstances or the feeling of being unable to achieve personal goals, causes many of my clients to make use of my counseling services.

Meine Arbeitsweise bei der Psychologischen Onlineberatung

My approach

My approach is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which regards the interaction of thoughts, feelings and behaviors as the basis for present experience (and suffering).


Its basic idea is that unfavorable patterns of thought, feeling and behavior have been learned in the course of one's life and can thus be unlearned again. Furthermore, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is characterized by a goal- or solution-oriented approach.


In addition, I am trained in and inspired by other therapeutic approaches, such as:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) according to Hayes

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) according to De Shazer and Berg

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) according to Kabat-Zinn and Teasdale

My approach
Working together

In my experience, the quality of the working alliance between you as a client and me as a psychological counselor is even more important than specific methods and techniques. It it an essential prerequisite for our successful collaboration since the constructive exchange about your personal issues can only really succeed in an open and appreciative atmosphere.

Apart from my professional training and expertise my clients appreciate:
  • the clear and comprehensible structure of my services
  • my calm, trustworthy and professional approach
  • my sincere interest and unconditional appreciation

Furthermore, my approach is characterized by a high degree of flexibility. This means that I will adapt my approach to you and your needs in the best possible way. Last but not least, we will also have a look at your individual strengths and resources. Making these tangible and expressing them is an important process on the way to your goals, on which I will be happy to guide you.

Unsere Zusammenarbeit bei der Psychologischen Onlineberatung
Working together
Methods & Schedule

Find out more about the schedule and the different methods of online counseling

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