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Schedule & Methods

In the following you will read about the single steps leading up to the first counseling session, the advantages of the different methods of online counseling, as well as the online counseling limits.

Online Counseling step by step


​Now that you have already been able to find some information about online counseling on my website, the first step starts with you getting in touch.

You can use the contact form to explain your concern to me and I will answer your request within 48 hours. You can find out more about the individual steps here.

1. Inform

Under the tab "Online Counseling" you will find initial information to help you find out whether online counseling is suitable for you.

3. Initial consult

We get to know each other and I will explain the process and the content of my online counseling service.

We will see if my offer is helpful for you and clarify open questions.

You choose the method that suits you best and that you feel comfortable with.

2. Get in touch

Make an appointment for a free and non-binding introductory session  (20 min) or send me a message using the contact form.

4. Counseling documents

After our conversation, you can take your time to decide whether you would like to take advantage of my further consultation. If the "fit" is right, I will send you further information (consulting contract and initial questionnaire) by email.


Methods of Online Counseling

You can choose between three different counseling methods. Each method offers different advantages, which I will explain here.

1. Video Counseling

Video counseling can be considered the most popular form of online counseling, Our conversation will take place at a set time via video chat. This form of counseling comes closest to a face-to-face conversation, since in addition to what is said, the facial expressions and gestures of the other person are also conveyed.

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2. Telephone Counseling

If you feel uncomfortable with communicating via video chat or are still unsure, a telephone consultation can be an alternative option.
Here, too, the appointments are made in advance. The same software is used as for the consultation via video chat, whereby the camera or video function is switched off here. Even if certain aspects such as facial expressions and gestures are not visible during the telephone consultation, this form of communication allows for more discretion than the consultation via video chat.

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3. Email Counseling

E-mail counseling allows you greater flexibility in terms of time, since you are not bound to a fixed appointment. Nevertheless, this method also requires time and quiet to read, write and actively implement the counseling content.
If you have a clearly defined concern and desire greater flexibility, email counseling may be the right thing for you to choose. This form takes place with a time delay compared to the other two methods. You will receive a response from me within 48 hours.

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Which method should I choose?

In my experience, the benefits of counseling sessions via video make it the most recommendable form of online counseling, as it comes closest to a face-to-face conversation. Nevertheless, you should choose the method with which you personally feel most comfortable. Of course, there is always the possibility of changing or combining different methods in the course of the consultation.

Questions ?

You are not entirely sure yet or still have open questions about the counseling methods? I will be happy to answer all your questions about my online counseling services.

Online Counseling Limits
Online Counseling Limits

Please note that I am based and registered as a therapist in Germany. The online counseling offered here does not constitute  psychotherapy in the sense of German psychotherapy regulations. In comparison to some other countries, according to previous German law, psychotherapy can only take place online after an initial face-to-face diagnosis, i.e. "offline". It follows that the presence of a mental disorder (e.g. panic disorder, depression, etc.) is not suitable for online counseling, since it cannot offer adequate support in these cases. If you are unsure whether online counseling is right for you, feel free to contact me and we will check together what is appropriate in your case.


Other circumstances that require in-person and long-term contact and are therefore not suitable for online counseling include:

  • Acute psychological crises, e.g. danger to self or others, acute suicidal tendencies, harmful use of or dependence on addictive substances, psychotic states

  • Situations of immediate threat or danger (e.g. domestic violence)

In such cases, please contact psychotherapists or emergency services in your area.

Overcome anxiety.

Process thoughts and feelings.

Regain control over life.

                 Make the first step

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