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From home.

Anxiety counseling online

Felix Michael Kolb - Psychologist (M.Sc.) - Psychotherapist



Worries about the future?

Anxiety has many triggers and often comes along with a felt loss of control over one's own life and its circumstances. But how can you overcome anxiety and fear in order to pursue your goals confidently and carefree?

Online Counseling

Online Counseling

In my online counseling services, I support my clients in a goal-oriented and strengths-based manner in overcoming anxiety and related problems.

Step by step, I help them to develop and implement solutions tailored to their issues and needs on the basis of scientifically proven methods.


I see the goal of my work in restoring their ability to overcome problems on their own.


Find out more about the concerns my clients consult me with and the methods I use.

How does it work?

How Online Counseling works

In order to create the best possible atmosphere, it is particularly important to choose the right method. During an online consultation, you should feel comfortable and not be afraid to open up. Find out more about the different forms of online counseling:

Time- and location-independent

No access routes

In a timely manner and, if desired, completely anonymous

Psychologische Beratung online mit Video

The most personal form of counseling

Psychologische Beratung online mit Telefon

The most discreet form of counseling

Psychologische Beratung per E-Mail

The most structured form of counseling

Overcome anxiety.

Process thoughts and feelings.

Regain control over life.

Overcoming fear and anxiety is a process that I am happy to guide you through.
Find out more about the procedure and the different methods of online counseling.

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Felix Michael Kolb

I am especially interested in the treatment of anxiety. It fills me again and again with joy and admiration to be able to witness in my work how my clients courageously face their fears and outgrow themselves.

I particularly appreciate to see my clients' continuous progress, leading to an increase in their self-confidence, pride, regained control and joy of life.


Who helps me?
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